A Sunny Saturday in Berlin

There is something magical about Berlin.

As far as aesthetics go, it’s no Paris however, it does have an indescribable charm probably a result of its dark past.  History has made it confluence between East and West – a pedigree that bred an arts scene that is unique to the world.

As with New York, Berlin does not sleep.  The difference being that the insomniac in Berlin is not as refined as the New Yorker and, in my experience, this means time spent in Berlin is much more relaxed.

During one of my visits I stumbled upon this blog which maps out abandoned facilities dotted within the city and its outskirts (thank you, cheap real estate!).

It led me to an abandoned food production factory – that had previously supplied East Berlin.  I found it hard to capture this eerie yet beautiful experience but here are a few shots from the day.

Notably, I did exert some Australian influence – we finished off the day with a grill on the roof watching the sunset.

Thank you all who made this day amazing.

Love A.

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