World Press Photo

World Press Photo is an event  I go out of my way to attend every year.  It is a photo-journalism exhibition that travels around the world – so there is no excuse for missing it!

It features various categories: news, world, location, sport, personality etc and the journalists do not hold back on dealing with sensitive global issues.  So prepare yourself to see something raw and real.

Perhaps the photo I found most confronting:

STORY behind the shot: (extract) – Bibi Aisha, 18, was disfigured as retribution for fleeing her husband’s house in Oruzgan province, in the center of Afghanistan. In local culture, a man who has been shamed by his wife is said to have lost his nose, and this is seen as punishment in return.

Many of the photos that have featured in the past have become iconic. Check them out.

Love A. xx

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