Vintage Cars in Cuba

Vintage cars are timeless, beautiful, overly-large, impractical petrol guzzlers.  Any negative qualities can be easily overcome by the fact that they are fun.

If you at all feel the same, I suggest you pay Cuba a visit:


The reason for Cuba’s vintage car collection lies in its history. Following the 1959 Revolution, Cubans were prohibited from selling their cars without prior government approval. That meant they had no choice but  to do everything possible to their old cars working.


The first waves of change have started to come through: on 1 October 2011, Raul Castro (Fidel’s brother) implemented reforms that allow Cubans to buy and sell cars relatively freely.  Given the exuberant prices of new cars, it does not look like vintage cars will be phased-out any time soon, however it is the beginning.



Your thoughts?

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