Dakar Rally 2013

On 5 January this year, I found myself in Lima, Peru.  It conveniently coincided with  the start of the 34th Dakar Rally.


The race, originally called ‘Paris to Dakar Rally’ was held in Europe/North Africa until it was cancelled in 2008 and moved to South America (Peru, Argentina, Chile) in 2009.

I never want to do it again and really cannot understand why anyone who has done it would ever want to go back. – Tamsin Jones (youngest British woman to finish).


I made full use of the occasion by “accidentally finding myself” in the media zone… alongside the Fox Sports cameras!

The downside to placing myself in such a situation meant that I had to pretend that I knew what I was doing! So I just started snapping. Unknowingly I ended up snapping some of the (future) victors of the race in the car class.

Here are my photos straight off the camera:

  • Winner: 302 – Mini (Stéphane Peterhansel and Jean Paul Cottret)IMG_4233
  • #2: 301 – Toyota


I got sick of trying to take photos over all the cameras and decided to relocate to behind the starting line.

  • #9: 328 – Buggy MD Rallye


  • #22: 319 – Chevrolet 


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