8 November: the Russian Revolution and its Communist Legacy

On this day, 8 November, in 1917 the Bolskeviks (to be Communist Party)  gained control of Russia.  Often called the October Revolution, it actually corresponds with 6 – 8 November under the Gregorian Calendar.

The Bolskeviks gained popularity from the masses by cultivating a popular following, employing slogans such as this:

 Peace, Bread, Land – Bolshevik slogan, 1917.

Whilst the slogan seems to be quite a rudimentary, it’s interesting to note that campaign slogans have not progressed much since 1917: “Forward” – Obama (2012), “Yes we can!” – Obama (2008) , “Yes, America can!” – Bush (2004) [is it just me or is this oddly similar to Obama’s?]…

There are many things that can be said for the Communist Society that ensued for the next 75 years. I believe that the fabric of Communism was rather accurately summarised:

The rules are simple: they lie to us, we know they’re lying, they know we know they’re lying, but they keep lying to us, and we keep pretending to believe them – Elena Gorokhova.

For those who were isolated from the gulags, mass-atrocities, food shortages and NKVD/KGB political persecution, one legacy that the USSR did provide its citizens is an amazing arts culture.

Soviet architecture:  Admittedly, there is lots of ugly:

But within that, there  is some beautiful:

  • The writing on this building is translated to say USSR – United Soviet Socialist Republics which is CCCP in Russian.

  • This is the typical entrance to the Moscow Metro. I couldn’t take photos inside because it was shortly after the 2010 Metro bombing.

Russian Cinematography: This, perhaps, is the most iconic Russian cartoon, enjoy:

Love A. xx

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